Julián Ferreira

JFsounds - Music Portfolio / Photo - Viviana Aguillón

Music composer, Instrumentalist (Flute - Bandola - Bass), Traveler and passionate lover of ancient & vanguard sounds equally. I was born in the cold mountains of Bogotá and got trained in music there but also, in Barcelona at "L'Aula", Boston at "Berklee" and with many flute players from many Colombian regions.

Now I'm starting a new life in the Japan Learning ancient court music from here Called GAGAKU.

As a music educator I taught at EMMAT music school in Bogotá, I gave lessons on Music Theory, Composition & Orchestration among others.

I've also being working specially on projects that inspires me and other people to change perspectives about life and aesthetics in projects such as VOLTIKA, RUIBARBO, INGUNA, LA GRUTA, BANDA DE FLAUTAS CHICHA Y GUARAPO and other collaborations. you can check those projects on Facebook.


Photographer: Alexis Fuentes

Musician: Julián Ferreira フリアン

Festival: Arica - Parinacota Jazz Fest VI - June 2016 / Chile